Fire-Link has over thirty-four years of experience in structural firefighting, Aircraft Rescue Firefighting, and Emergency Medical first responder service. We are considered one of the premier firefighting organizations in the Country.

Fire-Link has some of the best-trained and most dedicated firefighters in every position. Fire-Link will meet your requirements and specifically design your requirements to your organization.

Fire-Link is a current member of the National Fire Protection Association, Privatized Emergency Service Association, and member of the Aircraft Rescue Firefighter Working Group (ARFFWG).

Our training program includes meeting physical agility requirements, academic and practical exercises. Fire fighters train by battling actual fires in a controlled realistic setting.

We can meet all of your requirements including but not limited to all of the Part 139 training needs, fuel farm and fueler training, and fire extinguisher monthly and annual inspections.

Fire-Link’s mission is to provide safety and service with the most professionally trained personnel at a responsible price.

About Us
Fire-Link’s leadership personnel have over 34 years of experience in structural firefighting and Aircraft Rescue Firefighting as well as EMT First responder service.

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